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Eirtakon 2016 with Licky Lizard and BezDoesGames

Our little game Licky The Lucky Lizard Lives Again visited anime and manga convention Eirtakon 2016 this year - and once again some great feedback was received from players from all over Europe.


In 2015 BezDoesGames started a competition and put up a leader board for the most enthusiastic Licky fans - this time we decided to continue this tradition and were impressed with results! Also, a little survey was filled out at the end of the session, and as Licky is to be born in PlayStation Network soon, your answers were reeeeeally helpful to us. Thank you so much! 

We have got 591 playthroughs this weekend, and some of the visitors stayed with us for hours! Lars, Emma and Rachel were the most successful, but we were impressed with so many others - people of all ages were there and played Licky Lizard loads!


Thank you Eirtakon and everyone who attended - if you wish to get a notification when the game is launched - please send us an email to and we let you know asap.

See you soon!