Known issues - Patches incoming

Hi there,

So, review codes have started going out for Licky The Lucky Lizard Lives Again, and unfortunately there are a couple of bugs just discovered. I just wanted to highlight them here so that everyone knows that they're being looked into, and should hopefully be fixed soon. :-)

Invisible Health Pickups - Patch 1 Available now!

Sorry, really not sure how this one slipped through, but I have the fix locked down and a patch is now available. 

This could hinder your ability to get a couple of the trophies, but the pickups are still there (once you've unlocked the health slot upgrade). You may notice that the auto-aim will target something in the middle of nowhere - THAT'S THE HEALTH PICKUP!

With any luck you should still be able to get them and unlock all the trophies. Again - sorry about that!

Online Leaderboards Not Loading - PATCH 2 AVAILABLE NOW!

A patch for this is now available for download.

The leaderboards should now load on subsequent attempts.

Again, Sorry 'bout that.

Corrupted Music - PATCH 3 AVAILABLE NOW!

A couple of people have reported that music track freaks out and starts making awful sounds. I've finally been able to reproduce this!

It seems that this is a Unity issue specific to Vita, as it's not reproducible elsewhere.

The issue occurs on consecutive playthroughs, but for me at least, it only occurs when new high scores have been set. It looks like an issue with the AudioListener possibly retaining data from the previous playthrough.

Anyway, this is solved by deleting the and recreating the AudioListener between scenes. A patch is available now!


I discovered this one while fixing the Music issue above.

If you're killed before landing on a platform, your score is displayed as zero. But this only seems to occur on subsequent playthroughs.

It's fixed, and a patch is now available!


If you have any question/concerns, or you've come across any other issues, hit me up: