Licky Lizard is getting ready for Eirtakon in November

The little Licky is busy climbing up the volcano vent and is trying to avoid the lava that is constantly coming up... And the game's developer is busy fixing some bugs and adjusting game functionality before we can show Licky to the world for the first time. Yes, it is happening! We are happy to confirm that you can see us at the upcoming Eirtakon anime and manga convention that takes place between 13th and 15th November 2015 in Dublin's Croke Park. Licky Lizard to do list

There is a lot left to do for the game to be ready for the show, but we are very excited about it and looking forward to seeing you there!

Details coming soon and any recommendations regarding what you would like to experience from the game at Eirtakon are welcome. Just drop me a message to alina[at] Thanks!