The Second Coming

Typical. A blog with one solitary post. And it all started so well - a game developer with aspirations to change the gaming landscape forever, all the while keeping the hordes of hungry fans "in-the-loop" with regular, exciting updates about new features, the latest artwork and whatever other pretentious crap came to mind. Oh well, shit happens.

Anyway, while I'm here, here's a breakdown of some of the more major features I've been working on since my last post:

Throwing Rocks Now you can throw rocks that destroy platforms. Useful for getting you out of a jam, when there's an awkwardly placed platform in your way.

Hidden Waterfalls Break the right kind of platform and it'll reveal a waterfall that'll "cool" the lava and slow it down.

Falling Boulders Something to add a bit of chaos to the mix.

Thermometer A good indication of how much trouble the player is in.

and my personal favourite:

Geysers To give a player in need a little boost and some extra breathing room.

Other stuff I've been working on includes: health pickups; menus; art.

Check it all out below, John.