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I'm Bez, and this is my game: Licky the Lucky Lizard Lives Again. Uhhh, I've just realised that I, in fact, only have one game... *quickly googles to see if is still available* Phew!

While I'm away building (these are the jokes), feel free to take a look around here - check out my blog, or read a little about myself and BezDoesGames below. I'm going to try update the blog regularly (no promises!) with details of the ongoing development of Licky Lizard, and who knows maybe the odd random thought too.

Or you can go straight to the source for those random thoughts by following me @BezlySnipes.


BezDoesGames is pretty much a "one-man-band" at the moment, with @BetaBez and @AlinaBerlin helping out with some artwork from time to time. (Thanks, by the way!)

I've dabbled in game development since college, but I started this game-making racket proper in late 2013, when I was being made redundant from my previous job, and decided it would be a cool project to take up and keep me busy. That first year or so since then was spent working on a game that never came to be. (Shed a tear for the Spring Samurai)

In December 2014 I started Licky Lizard, and have been working on it most evenings ever since. I do have a full-time job though, so things tend to move slowly sometimes. I try to do a minimum of four evenings a week, and I think I'm usually quite a disciplined person when it comes to personal projects, be it music or game dev.

One of the things I learned developing Spring Samurai was that it's very easy to take on a project that's too ambitious (especially for your first game), or to add and add feature upon feature until your game becomes too big to manage. (say "Hello" to the Feature Creep!)

It was for this reason that I've tried to keep the scope of Licky Lizard relatively small - to make a simple arcade-style, endless platformer.

I hope to have the game (at least in this limited form) finished by mid 2016. Fingers crossed!

Be sure to check back here soon to see how badly I'm sticking to my targets ;-)


The Team

John - by @AlinaBerlin

John Berry

Game Design, Programming, Music



Alina - By Alina Ecke

Alina Ecke

Art, Project Management, Marketing, Programming


Paul - By Alina Ecke

Paul Berry

Character Design, Art


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John Berry